Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Channa Ghassi

Channa Ghassi is a typical Konkani preparation & a must for many festivals & functions. The gravy or "Masol", as we call it is the same as in any Ghassi. With Channa we usually add Suran / Yam, Potato as an accompianment in the dish.You can also add Raw Jackfruit, its hard to find it here though.


Kabuli Channa - 1cup
Coconut - 1/2 cup
Red Chillies - 3
Bedgayi Chillies - 2
Tamarind - a small piece
Oil - 2 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Methi seeds - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves - few
Salt - to taste


1. Soak the Kabuli Channa over night. Next morning pressure cook it till done(Dont make it mushy!)

2. Roast in a drop of oil both red chillies. Bedgayi chillies gives a great colour to the dish - they are not spicy.

3. Grind coconut, tamarind & roasted chillies to a fine paste.This is called "MASOL".

4. Transfer the Masol,channa & required salt to a pan.Add little water & bring it to a liquid / pouring consistency.Bring this to a good boil.

5. Season this Ghassi with Mustard seeds, Methi & curry leaves.

Serve hot with rice. Make a nice upkari (vegetable) on the side & some pappads & you have a great meal set!


Uma said...

Wow, Ghassi looks so yummy, Seema! Mouth-watering Channa.

Dhivya said...

sounds simple and yummy seema...Love channa...thanks for unque recipe

Rachel said...

Can't see ur pic..but I have tasted this during my stint was yumm indeed!

bee said...

i've been looking for an authentic ghassi recipe for a while. will definitely try this. thank you. the colour looks just right.

Purnima said...

True,without chanya ghushi,festive dish seems incomplete!My fave too! (At our side, we add surnu or batato also)Thks for sharing...we make it same way!

EC said...

Very simple and delicious looking

Laavanya said...

Very new to me Seema but I love all that's going in and am sure this will be a hit at home. Will try soon.

FH said...

I love the taste Ghashi/ghassi, Channa looks delcious Seema!:)

sandhya said...

Looks simple and delicious...

DEEPA said...

Wow!! Seema ...Awesome simple recipe ..I have bookmarked this ..Will prepare and let you know soon

Finla said...

Looks delicious. Would love to have them with rice

Seema said...

Uma - Thank u. I love this Channa Ghassi - My Favourite one!

Dhivya- Thank u.

Rachel- Glad u tasted it & liked it!

Bee- Thank u. Hope u like it...Colour is Thanks to Bedgayi Chillies.Ghassi looks yum with Colour.. first please your eyes then stomach - right?

Purnima- Thank u. Yes i make it for our festivals - Specially Vaina Pooja & Chavathi. We add surnu, Potato or Kadgi.. My Mil adds even Chow Chow( Chayote Squash) in some Ghassis for Bharshi. Its tastes yum!

Easy Crafts - Thank u.

Laavanya - Tastes yum! A has surely had it at our place quite a few times. S uncles loves it.

Asha - Thank u.. Channa & coconut Masol go so well together!

Sandhya - Thank u.

Deepa - Try it out & update me :-)

Happy Cook - It goes super well with rice. Thats what we had rice, this & Mixed Veg! A perfect dinner!

Pooja V said...

Goes perfectly well with neer dosa i am to make today !! I love the taste of this curry. One of the best in konkani cuisine

Kalai said...

Looks great, Seema! Simple and delicious! :)

Vani said...

The ghashi looks delicious, Seema! :)

Red Chillies said...

Looks delish and yummy Seema. For us, Chana ghashi is usually black chana and I also add tepal to it. But this with kabuli chana is new to me.

Raks said...

Ghassi looks delicious! Thanx for sharing the recipe Seema!

Pravs said...

Ghassi..hmmm..a new word for me :P
Have to try this.Looks yum.

Nupur said...

All your traditional KOnkani dishes are oh-so-tempting! This one is a must-try.

Archy said...

Hey, Channa Ghassi.. As We say Kadale Ghassi in kannada!! Lovely pics Seeema !!
After coming to Us i have stopped using coconut.. After looking ur recipe feels like having it !! I love this when my mom cooks it.. Every friday she used to cook it for me :) !!

Mansi said...

wow, first I thought it was something like chhole...nice variation Seema:) thanks for introducing me to ghassi:D

Deepa Kuber said...

chana ghassi.. sounds nice :D
yes im new to the blogging world..

Divya Kudua said...

Hi Seema,

Channa ghashi looks yummy.I usually make it with surnu and drumsticks,but with black channa.A very good randayi with rice!!

Pooja said...

Never heard of this, but looks tempting , worth give it a try :) .
Its a lovely colored dish :)

Prema Sundar said...

Thought it was chole .... ghassi is new to me.. a nice gravy with chickpeas.

Meera said...

Chana Ghasshi looks fabulous. Never made with kabuli chana. will try it. We make almost same except fenugreek seeds.
Hey, I am tagging you for 8*8*8 MeMe, only if you are interested. Didn't find ur email so writing here. if MeMe is not ur cup of tea, please ignore it. Details -

Seema said...

Pooja V - Neer dosas!! Yum yum.. I love those, Oh any ghassi will go with it, make it nice & spicy!

Kalai - Thank u

Vani - Thanks!

RC - Using Black Channa we make - Kathal Bhajilli Ghassi (Kerala Style).Thepal- i hardly use it, dont have it & Not a big fan for it too...

Raks Kitchen- Thank u.

Pravs - Learnt a new Konkani word... Great!

Nupur- Try it out - you'll like it!

Archy- Your Fav too - so as mine! Why stopped using coconut? Like resh ones better than frozen is it...

Mansi Desai - Thank u, its a typical Konkani dish.

Anjali - Thanks!

Dhivya - We too add Surnu - But i dont like Frozen Surnu we get here & drumsticks too! So u too use Black channa, will try it next time.

Pooja - Thanks - try it out.

Prema - Way different from Chole - a typical Mangalorean cusine! You'll like it.. try it out!

Meera- Thanks! My E-mail is is right on my blog page dear :-) Guess u did not see it...Will play along for sure...just give me some time!

FH said...

Seema, I am making this today, will link next week at Foodie's hope!:)

Raaga said...

I love this :-)

I made my version yesterday: