Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paneer Manchurian

I have been intending on making Paneer Manchurian - My version, for a long time, but sheer laziness & i have been putting it off & landing in good old Mutter paneer,Palak panner & paneer parathas.. Finally the D-day dawned & guess sun rose from the west - that i decided to make the Paneer Manchurian...It came out well & my family enjoyed it, specially the kiddos who ate minus grumbling & had a clean plate at the end of meal, minus screams & warning of "Finish off the Veggis!!"

Paneer - 1 pac
Onions - 2
Capcicum - 1
Cabbage - a small piece
Soy sauce - 2 tsps
Chillie sauce - acc to your spice level
Tomato sauce - 2 tsps
Thai Sweet Chillie sauce - 2 tsps
Salt - to taste

1. Cut the paneer into small cubes & shallow fry them.

2. In a pan, add oil & fry the onions for few mts. Then add the cabbage & capcicum & cook few mts, let the crunchiness of veggis remain. Now add the sauces & salt & mix well.

3. Add the paneer & mix all well together.

Your jhatpat Paneer manchurian is ready to be served either as an appetizer or with your main course!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Janmashtami Special

Wishing You all a very Happy Janmashtami / Gokulashtami.

Today being a special day for Dear Lord Krishna, I made a few of his favourite preparations at home, to be enjoyed by the Lord & us too :-)

Pal Payasam :
This recipe i have posted already & here is the link -
Pal Payasam . This is how i normally made my Payasam & its a favourite at home too...

Goddu Phovu (Sweet Aval)

Phovu (Konkani), Aval (Tamil) and Beaten Rice (English) is used in many preparations - From Aval payasama, to Batata Phova to dosas.. its used widely. I used this to make Goddu Phovu. This is a Konkani Preparation made by us for all good occassions. Its easy & tasty to eat too...

Phovu ( Thick Aval)- 2 cups
Jaggery - 1 cup ( or more acc to your taste)
Coconut - 1 cup
Channa Dhal - 1/4 cup
Til - 2 tsps ( optional)


1. Mix the Phovu & coconut by hand in a wide mouthed bowl for 10 mts till it becomes little soft.

2. Put the jaggery in a pan & add 1/4 cup water & dissolve it. Then bring it to a boil & 1 string consistency. Let it cool down completely.

3. Dry roast the Channa dhal on a medium flame till it becomes golden brown.. it takes a few minutes. (If you do on a high flame chances of burning the channa dhal are high, so be carefull!!) Powder it coarsely & set aside.

4. If using Till dry roast it for a minute or two.

5. Now add the jaggery syrup to the Phovu & coconut mixture & mix everything well with your hands.

6. Now add the roasted & powder channa dhal & til & mix well...

Godu Phovu is ready to be served!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back after a long gap & silence!

Dear Friends,

Firstly sincere apologies for dissapearing off the blog world unannounced! I did not mean to take such a long leave of absence without informing, but things just got way out of hand & i think i am finally settled down to get back to bussiness & blogging.

I have been following all blogs as often as i could, ofcourse never left comments anywhere...Now since i am back, will get back to routine again.

Thanks & looking forward to catch up on all your blogs!