Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mixed Vegetable Khola Nonche (Pickle)

Khola Nonche - A konkani term for pickle with gravy & that too made without any oil. My Mom used to make great Cauliflower pickles - the most amazing ones i've ever had & many of her friends & our Relatives still say mom's was THE BEST!! I tried my hands on it, my very first attempt & not bad, it turned out good, but not as Good as Mom's!

Cauliflower - a small piece ( i used 3-4 florets)
Carrots - 1
Tindora - 6-7 no
Raw Mango - small piece
Lemon - 1
Mustard seeds - 2 tbspns
Red Chillies - 25 no ( Acc to your spice level)

Day 1: Boil 8 cups of water with 4 tbspns of salt & set aside. Cover & bring it to room temp. Leave it overnight preferrably.

Day 2 : Wash, dry & then cut all the veg into small pieces (bite size) . Then add them to the salt water mixture & leave it to soak over night.

Day 3: Using a clean strainer remove veg from the salted water & put in a clean & dry vessel. DO NOT THOW AWAY THE SALTED WATER.

Now take the red chillies & mustard seeds & powder to a coarse paste in a blender. Then add little of the salted water & grind to a smooth paste. Do not make the Gravy very thin, use as less water as poosible. Now transfer the ground Paste or "Kholu" as we call in Konkani onto the veg & mix well. Taste & see & add salt only if you want. Remember you used salted wated so salt will be there already, plus veg soaked in it so they will be slightly salty too.

Mix well & store in a glass bottle in the refrigerator & let all the veg soak for 3-4 days before you start eating it... Once the lemon & mango leaves its sourness & veg soak in the spicy Kholu, spicy & delicious pickle is ready!


Asha said...

That looks gorgeous, my mouth is watering already!:D

Radhika said...

Yummy!! Awesome!! I will definitely try this recipe out.


Unknown said...

Hi Seema...
That was a different recipe.... Love the mixed vegetable pickle.... Looks so mouthwatering...

Meera said...

We call it Mangloori Nonche. My grandma used to make it best. I remember her grinding on the "ragda" to make that spicy red paste. Also I remember how tiny she used to cut all the vegetables. My aunt made some for me last year when she was visiting us. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks awesome. & brought back nice memories.

Unknown said...

nice recipe for a pickle...thanks for sharing...

TBC said...

A pickle without any oil!- that's new to me.
Mom's recipes are the best,aren't they?:)

KonkaniBlogger said...

Tht looks so good Seema!! My mom makes khola nonche too, but the method is different. Mouth is watering rite now looking at tht picture..Good to see ur post..Hope you settled in the new place..

EC said...

Very nice colour...mouthwatering

Unknown said...

I have always loved the mixed veg kind pickles at the restaurants Seema, and your recipe looks really easy to try out. Thank you :)

ranji said...

hi seema!!!oh nonche looks delicous..i love to have this with pej:) and nothing tasty and mouth watering...

Seema said...

Asha - Thanks!!

Radhika- Thanks, let me know how it turns out!

Sukanya- This is different a konkani version i can say - my mom's special one!

Meera - Yup, Mangalore Speciality - all these Khola Nonches are.. Your Granda did it traditional way of grinding in the Ragda, ours is modern version!!

Sowmya - Thank you!

TBC - All Konkani Khola Nonches are mostly without oil...With same Kholu we add Mangos only, or Vadu.. that comes out Yummy too.

Maya - Thanks & post your moms method please at your convinience. Settled & doing good.

Easy craft - Thank you.

Priya - Thanks try it out & let me knows its real simple only.

Ranji - Thank you.. Pej with some Thup & Nonche are the best!! I definetly agree.

Beyond Curries said...

I came here from Laavanya's blog. This pickle sounds so interesting and looks very good. I have not come across this recipe earlier. Very good one Seema.