Monday, May 12, 2008

Thali Jovan - 2

Hi Friends,

I am back after a break....Relocatted & settled down quite well. Will visit all your blogs soon!! Thanks for all your wishes during our move.

Well today's Konkani Jovan is - Rice, Alsanda Bea (Blackeyed bean) Koddel, Dudhi upkari & Karatha(Bitter Gourd) Chips.

Alsanda Bea (Black Eyed Bean) Koddel:


Black eyed bean - 1 cup
Coconut - 1/2 cup
Red Chillies - 3
Bedgayi Chillies - 2
Tamarind - a small piece
Oil - 2 tsps
Garlic - 2 pods
Salt to taste.


1. Soak the bean over night & pressure cook till soft .

2. Roast the red chillies in a little oil & grind it together with coconut & tamarind to a fine paste. Add water as required while grinding. This is called Masol.

3. Now add the Masol to the cooked Bean & add salt & bring to a good boil.

4. Season with oil & sliced garlic fried till slightly brown.

This seasoning is absolutely aromatic & brings out a different flavour & taste to this curry. Any coconut based curry with garlic seasoning is called a Koddel in Konkani Cuisine.

Dudhi Upkari:


Dudhi(Orange Pumpkin) - 1 medium slice
G.Chillies - 4
Salt - to taste
Oil - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Udad Dhal - 1/4 tsp


1. Cut the dudhi into length wise pieces along with the skin.

2. In a pan add oil & season with mustard seeds, Udad dhal & Green chillies. Then add the Dudhi pieces & salt & mix everything well

3. Add little water & bring cook till done.

This is a simple upkari but has a great taste & goes really well with the spicy koddel. It will have a slightly sweet taste as the Dudhi has its own sweetness.. if you like it, you will surely like this upkari.

Karathe( Bitter gord chjips) was store bought. Its great & goes well with simple dhal chawal or curd rice too!! Hope you liked my todays jovan!


Asha said...

Glad to here that you are settled now. What a great looking thali? Wish I was there, will try some of them!:))

Divya Kudua said...

Hey Seema..Welcome back!!You in Chennai now..??BTW loved your konkani jevan.Koddel made out of alsande bea is new to me,also the dudhi upkari.Shall try out the combo soon..!!

Unknown said...

Hi Seema ur Thali looks great... So mouthwatering.... Enjoy ur new house...

Anonymous said...

YAY...she is back! Hope the move went smoothly, Seema and good luck with the whole settling-in process. How do you feel being back home?!
The thali looks so delicious and inviting. I love how your recipes call for few ingredients- simple yet tasty.

Seema said...

Asha - Yup, finally settled until my container arrives in another 3-4 weeks time!! I have breathing time until another whole session of unpacking :-) Thanks & glad u enjoyed my Thali. Stop by anytime for a truely authentic & yummy Jovan at my place.

Divya- Thank you dear! Yup in Chennai only very much. Alsanda bea koddel is very common in M'lore.. Your Mil will surely know as shes from M'lore you mentioned.

Sukanya - Thank you & yes definetly enjoying my new home & all the changes associated with the move!

Nupur - Hi there, how r u doing? Yup Back & in action with blogging again. Move was good & my settled in well too. Container yet to arrive month end or june 1st week....Its great to be home & see all friends & family! Just weathers hot, but rest i surely cant complain! Thanks & glad u liked my Thali. You will definetly stop by at my place on your Chennai visit as planned & i'll have a great Thali for you!

ranama said...

Hi Seema

Good to see you back in action. Checking your blog has become a daily routine,missed it for quite sometime. Inspired by your thali, we had Aslande bea Koddel today ;-))


Kalai said...

Glad to hear that the move is done and you're settled in now! The thali looks wonderful. Welcome back, Seema. :)

Meera said...

So good to see you dear. I am glad to know that your move was smooth. Must be feeling great to be with family & friends. Your jovan looks so good. I can almost taste everything. We too make koddel exactly same. store bought karathe chips? Man! That sounds heavenly! :-)
Take care & keep in touch.

Uma said...

Delicious thali, Seema! Welcome back.

SMN said...

Thats a very nice lukin thali..

Seema said...

Rekha - Thanks!! Meant to e-mail u, but just lazy :-) Will do so!

Kalai - Thanks.. Finally done moving & settled too. Thanks for a warm welcome!

Meera - Glad u liked my Jovan!!
Yes, indeed nice to be back home finally :-) after years....

Uma - Thanks!

Smn - Thanks & glad u liked my Jovan!

Jayashree said...

Delicious looking thali...

ranji said...

welcome back:)..realy a mouth watering delicious thali seema...

Richa said...

hey Seema, welcome back! so, how does it feel relocating back? u must be enjoying being in midst of all the fun :)
how nice to see the thali, very nice dishes!

EC said...

Quite a simple one...looks delicious

Cham said...

Delicious thali, hope u like Chennai ....

Anonymous said...

Hi Seema,

Welcome back. Your thali jovan sounds great. I should start a food blog too !! Will try it out and let you know. Looks like you have more time now to prepare more than one dish for lunch. Earlier in USA, since you had to do all the work yourself, one rice and one curry and one more dish (at times) would be all. But after moving to India, with all the domestic help, I can see more curries for one meal :)

Enjoy dear !!

Hey, your move sounds really smooth. Did you guys manage to buy a home in Chennai and planned this long back? Cost of land in Chennai now seems crazy !!

- Nalini

Vani said...

Hey, nice to see you back, Seema! Hope you are settled down in Chennai. Hows the heat there, btw?
The thali looks delicious!

Unknown said...

nice to hear u r back to blogging..nice thali that is..

TBC said...

Hey Seema!
It's good to have you back. :)
You must have settled down by now. How is the family doing? Chennai is one of the best places that I've lived in. My parents were there for around 8 years till they moved away. My mom still misses life there. We might take a very short trip to Chennai for my sis later this year. :D

Your thali looks wonderful.

Vani said...

Loved your jhovan thali!! And the cauliflower pickle looks great! There are so many dishes that even though I make it the exact same way my mom does, it is not the same at all!

Laavanya said...

Hi Seema, I just made your black-eyed bean koddel and loved it... Thanks for a yummy recipe.

Anisheetu said...

Nice blog first time here...