Friday, February 1, 2008

Vatani Usal

I first had this dish at my friend Vandy's place. It tasted so yum with hot hot puris she served us. I instantly decided i need to learn & make it, but unfortunately got stuck as she said you need "GODA masala" ! What masala??? Never heard of that!! Then she told me it was a Maharastrian Masala. I waited for someone to make an India trip & finally got my Masala a week back - a friend was sweet enough to bring it for me :-)

I have no idea if this masala can be made at home.. will try to do more research & see....If any of my blogger friends know about it, please let me know. Will appreciate it!
UPDATE: Asha of Foodies Hope replied about Goda Masala. She has got the recipe, to make this masala in her blog. Just type RCI - Maharastra in the search box in her blog & you'll get the link. Thanks Asha !

Here recipe for Vatani Usual:


Yellow & green peas (dried) - 2 cups
Onion - 2
Garlic - 2 pods
Tomato - 2
Tamarind - small lemon size (soak in water)
Chilli powder - 1 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Goda Masala - 2 tsps
Garam masala - 1/4 tsp
Cilantro - for garnishing
Salt - to taste


1. Soak the green peas over night. Pressure cook them, taking care not to over cook it.

2. In a pan add oil & saute the thinely sliced onions till their almost brown. Then add the minced garlic & saute for 2 mts.

3. Now add the chillie powder, turmeric powder & mix it well. Now add the finely chopped tomatoes & tamarind water.Stir it all well & cook this on a medium flame till the tomatoes are mashed up & masala leaves oil.

4. Now add the cooked peas, goda masala, garam masala & salt. Mix everything well & add water to bring it to a desired consistency. Bring it to a good boil.

Garnish it with cilantro leaves & serve hot with pooris or rotis! Real yummy dish.


Asha said...

Seema,click on my RCI list on the side bar at FH and go to Maharashtra RCI, you will see my fave Goda Masala recipe and a dish,I love the taste. It's also available in any Indian store near you but home made is best.Try it. Vatana looks great, I haven't soaked dry peas in a long time, should do t now.
Enjoy the weekend!:))

Seema said...

Asha - Thank you! I knew i would get a reply to this from you for sure! Thanks! I doubt if i get Goda masala here, but will search with eyes wide open next time at grocery at Indian store :-) Home made recipe - awesome, will try it out. I was looking for other recipes using this masala - will check out.
Thanks Asha! Have a great weekend & enjoy the game :-)

Seema said...

Asha - Got it - Thanks! will note it rightaway!

Nupur said...

Seema, I can definitely give you some goda masala from my stash. Let me know if you would like some!

Seema said...

Nupur - Thats so sweet of you! I just got 2 packets from B'baby through a friend. Thanks so much for asking :-)

Dhivya said...

seema nice recipe..never heard abt this one..looks yummy

EC said...

Goda masala is new to me too...nice dish

Laavanya said...

I've heard great things abt goda masala. Looks great Seema. I also liked the one you made when we visited you... you ground some coriander leaves with some other stuff and packed it with mooli paratha for our drive back home. Post that recipe sometime... :) Made with the same white vatana.

vimmi said...

Love this usal. Do try aamti also using goda masala. If u like the taste of goda masala, u will like the aamti too.

Meera said...

Your usal looks lovely. Goda Masala is something I can't live without.

Red Chillies said...

I usually make Vatani usal using garam masala and chilli powder. I need to try the goda masala as I am seeing a lot of these on the food blogs.

Kribha said...

I love any dishes with vatani. Looks so delicious. Nice picture and recipe.

DEEPA said...

hey seema ...this is really something new and nice ..must have tasted great with chapati ....awesome one

Seema said...

Dhivya - Thanks, try out this new masala!

Easy crafts - New to many of us - a amazing one though!

Laavanya - Sure Laav will post that recipe soon - its a simple one!

Vimmi- Sure will try out Amti.Thanks for sugggesting.

Meera - thanks, i love this masala too.

Red Chillies - try it out & you'll like it.

Kribha - Thanks!

Deepa - Yes came out real good & goes well with rotis!