Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Spinach Parathas

Spinach is a good green for all of us. To sneak it into kids diet, can be a tough job & we as mom's need to try hard to make them eat this. I am sure most of us as kids hated greens & thought it to be yucky, soggy & stinky!! Well, my kids are not any better than i was :-( So i have to get them to eat this in a hidden form & hence we named this Green Parathas... & they love it!


Wheat flour - 2 cups.
Spinach - 4 hand fulls
Green Chillies - 3
Ginger - 1" piece
Salt - to taste
Oil - little


1. Wash the spinach & put in a vessel along with green chillies & ginger & pressure cook them for couple of whistles.

2. Once it cooled down run it through a blender.

3. Now add this to the wheat flour & add salt & mix like chappathi batter.

4. Roll out like regular chapathis, add little oil & fry both sides.

Serve these just like that or with curry or raita. Real good!!


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Lovely!!! I make methi parathas. BUt never tried with spinach. They look delicious!

Vcuisine said...

A wholesome paratha. Very nice. Viji

EC said...

I too have made these... the colour is too good..and great looking food taste great toooooo

Jayashree said...

Nice idea to incorporate something healthy into the kids' diet.

Laavanya said...

I know what you mean. This looks lovely seema. I make it similarly except i skip the pressure cooking part. Good to know that S and S like it! :) That's a big win already.

Finla said...

Spinach paratha look delicious.

Vani said...

That's nutritious and zesty too with the addition of green chillies. Love the color!

remya said...

healthy parathas....looks delicious....

Pravs said...

Nice healthy meal for kids and us too :) Have to try this paratha.

Siri said...

I make these all the time.:) healthy and delicious!

~ Siri

Seema said...

Ramya- Try these,they r great.

Vcuisine- Yup, wholesome & healthy too!

Easycrafts- Thanks!

Jayashree- Yes, to get fussy kids to eat little healthy - mom's tricks:-)

Laavanya- Will try next time minus pressure cooking. I am so glad that S & S like it!!

Happy Cook- Thanks!!

Vani- G.Chillies to bring a little spicy flavour.Thanks!

Remya- Thank you!!

Pravs - try & let me know.

Siri- Nice to know u do too, is it same or different kind?

Kribha said...

Adding spinach and green chillies sure sounds great. Nice parathas. Wholesome and delicious.