Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chur Mundo ( Besan & Wheat Flour Laddo)

"Chur Mundo" is a Manglorean sweet, & is very tasty & yummy to eat. My family loves this one & so do my friends.


Besan - 1 cup
Wheat flour - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 & 3/4 cup
Elaichi Powder- to taste
Ghee - as required


1. In a pan fry the besan with 2 tsps of ghee till golden brown.

2. To the same add the wheat flour & fry till the raw smell goess off. Takes about 15 mts.Then let it cool for few minutes.

3. Now add the powdered sugar to this mixture, along with Elaichi powder.

4. Mix everything well. Add required ghee & mix the flour till its easy enough for you to make laddos.

5. Make small laddos & serve.

Chur Mundo is all done for your guests!!


Asha said...

Easy peasy recipe, looks good. Are there more for all five days of Diwali? Enjoy girl, good for you!:D

Seema said...

Asha- Man your fast in feedback!!!
Thxs, i really appreciate your comments.
Not many more...posts, just one, that i'll post later today.. so keep checking :-)

Laavanya said...

That sounds super easy and it looks so good too. Again laddoos are something I've never ventured into.. For next diwali?

Swaruchy said...

Great looking laddoos dear :-)))

Seema said...

Laav- its easy to make. takes time to make laddos.. Arun can help u with that right??

Sirisha- Thank you!!

Bong Mom said...

almost like besan laddos right ? Lovely recipe

Seema said...

Sandeepa- Yes, your right, its like besan ladoo!