Friday, November 9, 2007


Dear friends,

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first Meme, in this world of blogging. I am s.........o very excited!! Bhawna of has tagged me for this & i am all ready, to play along.....with all my other friends.

Thanks Bhawna for tagging me - my very FIRST tag :-)


Four Places i've lived....
1. Trichy
2. Libya
3. Chennai
4. St.Louis

Four Jobs i've had...
1. A loving daughter to my parents.
2. A good friend, philosopher & guide to the many friends i made along so far.
3. A sweet wife (Do i hear a grumble!!???)
4. A loving mom to my girls.

Four Favourite places i've holidayed...
1. Kodaikanal
2. Hawaii
3. Florida
4. Yosemite National park

Four Favourite foods...
1. Baby corn manchurian
2. Any chaat item
3. Stuffed Parathas.. any kind.
4. Tandoori Chicken

Four Places i'd rather be...
1. Chennai.
2. Hawaii ( Love this place)
3. Relaxing anywhere with my family
4. Any place where i can get pampered 24/7!! :-)

So that my Meme.. Hope u all came to know a little more about ME!! Now, its my turn to Tag four of my friends, hmm......... lets see, I'd like to tag.....

1. Ramya - Mane Adige
2. Sagari - Indian home cooking
3. TBC - The Budding Cook
4. Kribha - Veetu Samayal

My dear friends, please play along............ its fun & we your blogger friends, would like to get to know you a little more better!!


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

hey, nice to know abt you... and thanx for tagging me. will get to it soon! :)

Sagari said...

hi semma thank you for my lovely diwali surprice

Asha said...

Libya!! How was it living there? MeMe is always to read, you will know a person better!:))

Laavanya said...

Congrats on your first meme Seema... :) It is a lot of fun to know about others with whom we interact almost daily.
I didn't know you lived in Libya... or I forgot... :)

KayKat said...

You lived in Libya? How was that?

Kribha said...

Nice to know more about you seema. I loved your 4 jobs. You seem to be perfect unlike me. Hey...I see that you have tagged me. But I've just done this in my peach pie post. Anyway, thanks for tagging.

TBC said...

You lived in Chennai? I did too...or at leat my prents did for 8 long years. My mom was heartbroken when we had to move:-(
We loooooved Chennai.
Thanks for tagging me , Seema. I have been tagged for so many memes now. Never got around to doing a single one yet:-).I'm just not good at these things.

Seema said...

Ramya- Thxs for agreeing to play along!

Sagari-Glad u liked the surprise:-)

Asha- Libya was fun, a different style of living!My dad got posted there for 3yrs from work. We stayed in a RV kind of house...But language is a big prob!

Laav - Dad was posted there from BHEL.Yes, Memes are fun, i enjoyed doing it.

Kaykat- It was great, something different!

Kribha- Oops! sorry Kribha dear, did not know u were tagged! Will check it out.

TBC- I love Chennai too, except for those hot humid summers...Nice to know u liked it too.Hey, you can do it, play when time permits.. no hard & fast rules.. its all for fun only :-)

Bhawna said...

Hey Seema, Its really fun reading ur MeMe and knowing u little more.
Thanks for continuing the chain.

Seema said...

Bhawna - Thanks for tagging me. I enjoyed playing with all my other blogger friends!